Expat Retirees in Nicaragua Enjoying Success

It probably will not come as fresh news to you that expat retirees in Nicaragua are enjoying a huge success in their new lives and country. Many retirees choose to begin a new business when they arrive in Nicaragua. They chose to become entrepreneurs,  starting up businesses in real estate, tourism, property development, hotels, restaurants and just about any other business you can think of. Why? The reasons for this are chiefly that Nicaragua is a developing economy and needs everything. There’s room for investors and those with the entrepreneurial spirit.


Once they’ve left their country of origin, many retirees don’t want to just sit around under a palm tree sipping a cool one. There’s the desire to start a new life, a dream career, doing something they’ve always wanted to do, earn an income to supplement their pension checks and give back to their new home.

Not only are the young investors coming to Nicaragua, but both small and big investors are coming to Nicaragua to try their luck in this new country. The politics have stabilized (the revolution against the dictator ended in the eighties), Nicaragua has rebuilt itself after the earthquake in Managua in 1972, making it a great place to start a new business.  The opportunities abound in Nicaragua because right now, Nicaragua needs everything.

Reports of Nicaragua’s economic growth is positive. In fact, in 2011, Nicaragua’s economy grew by an astounding 5%. The Nicaragua Dispatch reports that under the Sandinistas, the economy is up by 30%. Although this growth rate is not enough yet to end poverty in Nicaragua, (Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the Central American/Caribbean region (second to Haiti).

Nicaragua presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs unlike anywhere else in the world. The country is an inexpensive place to set up a new business as far as properties, business location and the costs of doing business.  Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America.  The Nicaraguan government itself encourages investors and retirees to come to Nicaragua offering tax incentives and other assistance such as the ease of obtaining investor and Residente Pensionade (retiree visas).

If you already have a business in Nicaragua and want to promote your business in the way of advertising, I found a website called The Nicaragua Business Directory that offers free classified advertising for your business in Nicaragua. If your business is not in Nicaragua, then you’re out of luck because this website is a listing service for Nicaragua only.  Not a bad deal, but I don’t know how long they will continue to offer this service for free.

The following video from Executive Films Inc on YouTube talks about the benefits for retirees, expats and investors in Nicaragua. Leave your decision to retire and start up a new business in Nicaragua for too long, you’re probably going to be out of luck. The time is right now to retire, become an expat and start up that dream business you’ve waited all your life to start. Entrepreneurs and retirees, it’s a go for now.