Where to live in Nicaragua

If you are thinking about where to live in Nicaragua for your retirement, it may seem overwhelming at first. There are many places where you can set up home and either buy or rent a property in Nicaragua, but where do you begin to look?

The most obvious places are the colonial city of Granada and the beach community of San Juan del Sur. These are certainly the places where you will find a lot of ex-pats and retirees who have settled successfully in Nicaragua. However, there are many other places, just as nice as San Juan del Sur and Granada to find your retirement home.

where-to-live-in Nicaragua
Deciding where to live can be a part of your fact finding trip to Nicaragua. There are many liveable areas in Nicaragua for you to consider besides Granada and San Juan del Sur. You’ll also find smaller communities around the area of San Juan del Sur. Start your search in these pleasing areas and then consider other places in Nicaragua either to purchase a home or start renting.

If you want to live in neighborhoods where you’ll also find many other ex-pats like yourself, you can live in the big city, Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. If you like the liveliness of the big city, you can find a place here.

But if you are looking for the colonial charm of a city like Granada, you can also find this quality in Leon. Leon is colonial, artistic and close to the coast if you prefer to live near the ocean.

Not far from Leon is the small beach community of Las Penitas, somewhat of a fishing village, quiet and not as developed as the community of San Juan del Sur. There are a few hotels there, restaurants and shops. Investors and developers have begun to pursue development here and the roads are slowly improving.

The Ometepe Islands (Isla Ometepa) are another place to consider if you want to pursue a lifestyle close to the land and nature. A few ex-pats and retirees have taken this option and started agricultural endeavors.  Many seniors travel here and then decide to pack up everything and live on the Island.  Homes and the cost of living is much less than in North America.

Retiring in Nicaragua requires some investigation. It’s not an impossible task and just exploring the country will leave you with many good memories. Retiring in Nicaragua will give you a cheaper cost of living, a varied landscape, friendly people and you’ll also still be close enough to North America where family and friends won’t find it that difficult or expensive to come and visit you in your new home. In fact, they too, might not want to leave.