Retiring in Granada

The favorite city in Nicaragua - Granada, offers many services to expats and its charms.

Types of Housing

From rentals to condos on the beach, Nicaragua has a wide choice of accommodations for those seeking a place to live.

Grocery Shopping in Nicaragua

You can get just about anything you want to eat at the large grocery stores in Nicaragua.

New Neighborhoods

New neighborhoods are springing up everywhere in Nicaragua.

Shopping Malls

Large shopping malls can be found in Managua. Here is La Colonia.


Senior Gypsies and International Nomads

If you think you’re alone in your dreams of selling everything, packing up your belongings and trying a new life, it appears that you’re not alone.  A new life can be found in many countries where the weather is more amiable, the cost of living is lower and life is, just plain simpler.  Becoming an expatriate in your later years is a common option for retirement.


Hit the road, Jack, seniors and boomers are leaving their country of origin and becoming nomadic.

SOME call themselves “senior gypsies.” Others prefer “international nomad.” David Law, 74, a retired executive recruiter who has primarily slept in tents in several countries in the last two years, likes the ring of “American Bedouin.”

They are American retirees who have downsized to the extreme, choosing a life of travel over a life of tending to possessions. And their numbers are rising.

Mr. Law and his wife, Bonnie Carleton, 69, who are selling their house in Santa Fe, N.M., spoke recently by phone from a campground in Stoupa, Greece, a village on the southern coast of the Peloponnese. He explained that they roam the world to “get the broadest and most radical experience that we can get.”

They recently decided to fold their tent. “Hey, we’re getting to be too old for this,” said Mr. Law about camping out. But they intend to continue what he termed their “endless holiday” in a more comfortable and spacious recreational vehicle.

Between 1993 and 2012, the percentage of all retirees traveling abroad rose to 13 percent from 9.7 percent, according to the Commerce Department.

About 360,000 Americans received Social Security benefits at foreign addresses in 2013, about 48 percent more than 10 years earlier. An informal survey of insurance brokers found greater demand by older clients for travel medical policies. (Medicare, with a few exceptions, does not cover expenses outside the United States). While many retirees ultimately return home or become expatriates, some live like vagabonds.

News Source: Tampa Bay Times

Managua Conference for Expats and Retirees

There will be a conference of special interest held in Managua on March 25th.  This Managua conference for expats and retirees is called the “Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum.”  It’s for retirees, expats and future would-be expats who want to find out all the facts about moving to and living in Nicaragua.


This conference is run on a regular basis by NicaTour Group.  They’re a company who also offer flights, hotels, all inclusive vacation packages to Nicaragua since 2010.  NicaTour Group has a group of experts from the business community in Nicaragua that present and then give attendees the opportunity to ask all the questions they have about actually making the move. Questions such as immigration and citizenship, banking, buying and renting property, getting your mail, cost of living, health care, health insurance, you name it.  It’s also a great chance to meet other people who are also thinking of Nicaragua as their new home, as well as expats who’ve already made the move.

The details for the conference are as follows for the Meet the Experts Roundtable Forum:

Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum

Event Details:

Description: A special opportunity to meet with the Experts in Nicaragua, ask your questions on retirement and/or relocation to Nicaragua. After the luncheon, join in a tour of Nicaragua’s top medical facility.  Learn about health insurance options in Nicaragua.

Lunch is included, transportation to Hospital Metropolitano and tour of the Hospital.  For more information, please read:  March 25 Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum™

Venue:  Hotel Contempo, km 11 carretera masaya 400 metros Oeste Residencial las praderas, Nicaragua.  Contact them for special hotel rates for conference attendees.

Event Start: March 25th, 2014 at 12 noon.  Optional:  Meet back at Hotel Contempo for networking and cocktails.

Tickets: $99.00 US per person

Transportation is available to and from the hotel.  NicaTour Group also does flight book and hotel reservations if you need assistance with this.

Even if you are in Nicaragua already, it would be a great idea to attend for the networking opportunity and to make new friends and hear some professional opinions on moving to Nicaragua.  Further information is available on the conference page on their website here.  Tickets can be purchased online.  If you have any questions, the company number is 1-888-823-8801 extension 222.